Dancing with Light

Lighting Book

I enjoy reading books about lighting.  One book that I highly recommend reading is "Placing Shadows, Lighting Techniques for Video Production" by Chuck B. Gloman and Tom Letourneau. They provide a wonderful array of information that is critical in understanding the value of materials and lighting fixtures that enable us to do our jobs.

For example, most lighting kits that we use for interviews contain at most a 1k fixture. I always knew that when you place a C.T. Blue in front of your fixture, you are reducing the intensity of the light. You still need to gel your light if your subject is in front of a window because of the color temperature of the light (tungsten, warm) is the direct opposite of daylight(cool). Placing a Full C.T. Blue on your light converts tungsten to daylight 3200K - 5700K. you will reduce the light intensity 64%. That translates into looking for another background because of the loss of illumination or the need to also gel the window.

This book is laced with excellent information that will help you understand the tools of your business.